Pink Sugar

back noun
(1): the rear part of the human body especially from the neck to the end of the spine
(2): the body considered as the wearer of clothes
(3): capacity for labor, effort, or endurance
(4): the back considered as the seat of one's awareness of duty or failings
(5): the back considered as an area of vulnerability

Back Yourself is a unique collection, offering up a different perspective to our PFP's. 
The genesis collection contains 2,000 hand drawn NFTs with some hidden quotes written by the artist, Sarah Woods. 

Backing yourself is something that we all need to do in various decisions and aspects of life and something that I want this collection to act as a reminder and encourage people to do. Our crypto wallets will be a place where we can see authentic verifications of so much of our lives, displaying who we are and what we're in to. Like Nike with their swoosh, I want my work to be a visual representation of confidence and empowerment in your wallet. 

Why have you drawn the backs of women? 
I wanted to bring a different perspective to the PFP world. I like that the back is a symbol of strength and endurance. We all know that women are beautiful but I wanted to offer up other qualities and shift the focus away from beauty being the first quality we see. 

Why are you only releasing 2,000 NFTs?

This is my genesis collection. The birth of Back Yourself. There will be more collections in the future. 

Why should I purchase your art?

First and foremost, please please please make the first reason you'd like to show this NFT off in your crypto wallet or as your PFP, because you love my art. This is the main reason that I have invested in some NFT communities such as Computer Cowgirls, Crypto Venus and 1989 Sisters. I am just chuffed to own a slice of their projects.

What utility does Back Yourself offer? 

I cannot guarantee that I, as a human being, will even be guaranteed tomorrow so I would never guarantee or make promises to a collector for what lies ahead. I can however, tell you my plans. 


What are your plans for Back Yourself? 

Oh, I'm glad you asked. The next few collections will be small collections and just like fashion collections, will be released in alignment with spring/summer and autumn/winter releases. Down the line, I hope to work with up and coming designers and have their pieces included in the art work which will lead to purchasing the NFT and getting the physical item of clothing.