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My NFT collection is focusing on word art. Think of it as a diary I am allowing you to read.
Like any human, they're going to be a mix of sound, fallible, insightful and dumb as f*ck. 

I have sized the words perfectly that they will fit in to any Banner space. Just like the avatar is connected to your crypto wallet, I see the banner/header space on Twitter following suit. I would love to collaborate with a female led project to use the banner space to help communicate something, a back story a thought about the avatar NFT. Storytelling, just like World of Women and Hello Sunshine are doing. 

I know that the big collection drops have huge road maps with promised utility but I'd never promise anything that's not certain. I will give you my hopes though (ah that sounds lovely) My NFTyThoughts collection will hopefully help raise money for a mental health charity here in Ireland, more to follow.

My NFT collections will vary in price to make them accessible to wallets of all sizes. I have chosen the Polygon MATIC network to give a gas free/more environmentally friendly option. I post daily on my OpenSea account at 9pm Irish time. You can find all my work anywhere using the hashtag CryptoWordArt. I'm the only one there :)