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My First Children's Book - Rose

If you're reading this blog, that means that I have somehow gotten your attention with my first book. God knows I'm trying!

What's it all about?

My book explores the circle of life through flowers and a unique relationship of two flowers in the garden; Rose and Bud.

Using the weather they face, Rose helps Bud to try see the good in everything so that he can cope well and not feel so alone when her last petal falls one day. Remember when Mufasa tells Simba he will be in the stars and to look up at them, kinda like that!

This book was written with the intent to help a small child and adult reading it, feel less alone after experiencing a loss. And I really hope it does.

Lastly, it rhymes. It reads really well as a little rhyming children's rap, if you will.

So, get your copy now and get rapping before bedtime :)

Take a sneak peak at the first few pages.

Where can I buy it?

Well, I've got some options for you...

If you're living in the US or Canada, it's available to buy on the Blurb bookstore.

If you're living in Ireland or the UK, click here to buy it from my shop.

If you're in to e-books, I've got one in my store and the Apple iBook Store soon.

If you've got a question, please get in touch!



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