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I painted this piece for fun. The idea came from a nostalgic place of how much craic the Womens toilets were on nights out. Simultaneously, stories about women being attacked, drugged with needles in clubs and the story of Sarah Everard being brutally murdered in the UK made me really angry and this painting became an appreciation for places that we feel safe.

Some people have said ‘are you sure you can raise money for a rape crisis centre with THIS image?’

What? A woman doing a natural mundane task in her day? Then I realised they only see the underwear. And they only see something sexual because of that. So here I am selling it, hopefully to people who can see themselves, on nights out, with their friends, having a laugh and feeling safe in the company of other women in those loos.


Limited Edition of 50 in total.

25 of original canvas size. 20 x 20 inch.

And 25 of a smaller 10 x 10.


50% of the proceeds of each print sale will be donated to the Dublin Rape Crisis centre. Thank you so much!


Printed in The Copperhouse Gallery, on their own Fine Art German Photo Rag Paper. 308gsm. The Copperhouse are a Hahnemuhle Certified Studio and supply a range of Hahnemuhle Fine Art Papers as well as their own range of in-house papers manufactured by the leading German mill.


Each print is numbered and signed by me.


Worldwide shipping available. Any extra taxes & duties charged by the international customs department in your country, will fall on the responsibility of the customer to pay. Please consult your governments website for information on import taxes.


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