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Havana Stroll Around

I visited Havana in March of 2015, a week before I went in to have ACL surgery. I had moved to Toronto mid July 2014 and I really wanted to play in a decent women's basketball league in North America. So, as soon as I landed in Toronto I started playing in a mixed summer league to get myself fit for the tryouts I had signed up to attend in late August. I hit the ground running, literally, that's how I tore my ACL. I would love to have a great story of how I dunked over some 6 ft tall lad, and maybe I could get away with that story because a lot of people reading this might not know that I can't slam dunk. Anyway, all I was attempting was a layup and down I went! That was it. I had a 7 month wait to get an operation date (that was so much fun) and when I finally got that date I knew exactly what rehab was going to be like because I just went through it and said "feck this, I'm going on a holiday to walk the legs off myself." So that's what I did. And now you're about to see exactly what I saw!

After I met with Human's of Dublin, I remember thinking to myself that I'm just going to keep sharing more. So, this post is me back tracking and sharing a bit more with you.


Oh great, you're still here. OK, here we go....

The streets of new and old Havana is where life happens. They're a playground for young and old. Often, businesses and homes open up and pour out on these streets and you can feel a bit out of place and like you're intruding, but they're used to the hustle and bustle that nobody actually notices.

Dogs resemble their owners here. Would you look at that dog!

The lads

I told you the streets are their playground...

For young and old.

Shirt off, zipper down. Gangster

There's always great drying out.

The Women of Havana have so much confidence. The way they hold themselves, walk, talk. I was in awe of them. There's little or no advertisements in Cuba (well, when I was there anyway) you know, advertisements that tell you how you should look, what you should wear and even what you should be eating nowadays. What we see all too much of in our world. I wondered did this play a part in the reason why they appear so confident and comfortable in their own skin. Imagine if we didn't have to see half of the shite that we do see and I wonder what effect that would have on our own society. We'd probably place less value on appearance and not use it as a way of assessing if we feel good about ourselves or not.

Take these two women for example, they are security guards. One has a Dora the explorer lunchbox because why the fuck not and the other has an umbrella to match her lace stockings. Nobody batted an eyelid or cat called them.

This lady blew smoke in my lens. Zero fucks given.

This woman is in the middle of a street BBQ, dancing away, with so many people watching her, including the little Irish creep in the corner (me, hiyaaaaaa). She was so comfortable with everyone watching and moving her body to the music. I was asked to join but I declined and said "Would ya g'way outta dat," in Spanish of course. I think if I was back in Cuba now I'd get up and dance with her!

And sure this one is wearing pink contacts!

They talk to their dogs.

They talk to the dead. You'll notice this grave has two knockers (yep, that word still cracks me up). Well, you knock on one knocker (keep it together, Sarah) and start talking to the person in the grave. When you're finished you walk around the grave, never turning your back on it and walk backwards to the second knocker to use it to say goodbye. You must knock three times on each!

Even the cars have the chats..

And yes, they love cigars!

That's it. Now get outta here

Stay tuned for more old photoblogs :)

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